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Meet the Reingage Family

Wolf of Invisalign

Dr. David Morrison
Dr. Edward G. Johnson
Dr. Gregory J. Gangi
Dr. Hardeek Patel
Dr. Harvey Passes
Dr. Jack Slome
Dr. Jane A Russo
Dr. Karen Madruga

Aligner Empire

Dr. Michael I. Wollock
Dr. Mitchell Shapiro
Dr. Ramzi Haddad
Dr. Roxane Dornbusch
Dr. Shauna Kazachkov 
Dr. Steven Regenstein
Dr. Tammy Herzog

Dr. Aleksandr Dayanayev
Dr. Ali Weiselberg
Dr. Amelia Chan
Dr. Carl Cazalet
Dr. Christopher Proto
Dr. Chongnam Kim
Dr. Dan Kazachkov 
Dr. Danielle Sim

Dr. Michael Wollock - Aligner Empire President

I am an Elite 1% Invisalign Doctor, currently (2017) 1 of only 25 nationally. I'm part of an exclusive Invisalign Team of treating dentists. With over 100 hours of CE knowledge a year. I train, mentor and teach other Invisalign dentists across North America.
Upon graduating from the University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey, I dedicated myself to providing you with the best that dentistry has to offer. Continually educating myself and my Team on the newest techniques and approaches.
While serving as a Captain & dentist in the United States Air Force, I received the Commendation Medal for Meritorious Service. I have also received the advanced degree of Fellow from the Academy of General Dentistry. Over the past 8 years, I serve as a Board Member for the Main Line Dental Society.  I am also President of The Empire Aligners, one of the top producing groups of highly trained Invisalign Dentist in the country. And I am a proud member of the Academy of Stomatology; the oldest dental organization in the country. Finally, I am one of the first general dentists in the Philly metro area to receive Invisalign certification and one of the most experienced.  
My Team and I offer unparalleled customer service and care while providing All-Inclusive Invisalign at the most affordable rate.  Please check us out at or call 610-649-0313 to find out more.  
I look forward to helping you!
Dr. Michael I. Wollock

Arch Madness

Dr. Hala Salama
Dr. Heather Clark
Dr. Isange Remacle
Dr. Jason Dunville
Dr. Jeanine Sasek
Dr. Kelly Hong
Dr. Mary Lynn Shayne
Dr. Mary Robb

Dr. Allan Link
Dr. Andrea Eidson
Dr. Bernard Tellez
Dr. Bao-Tran Nguyen
Dr. Brett Baker
Dr. Dani Csaszar
Dr. Elizabeth Clary
Dr. Eric Dendinger

Dr. Michelle Chang
Dr. Matt Cline
Dr. Nathan Jeal
Dr. Nathan Woodward
Dr. Robert Rizzuti
Dr. Robert Thomure
Dr. Sara Young
Dr. Scott Sauer

Dr. Seth A Wasson
Dr. Todd Anderson
Dr. Terry Kunkel
Dr. Thomas Hicks
Dr. Yamileth Pate

Dr. Danielle Csaszar - Arch Madness President


Dr. Danielle Csaszar was born in Chicago, Illinois. She attended college at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana and following graduation she attended Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine. As a dedicated wife and mother of three boys, Dani has many interests outside of dentistry including running, traveling, and hanging out with her family.  It is an honor and privilege to be a part of the Reingage family!


Dr. Alla Agamov
Dr. Ankoo Raina
Dr. Brett Nielsen
Dr. Chris Richards
Dr. Cody Bauer
Dr. Dipali Nigudkar
Dr. Eddy Saue

Dr. Jason Erickson
Dr. Jenny Christianson
Dr. Jerry Dunn
Dr. Kevin Aduddell
Dr. Kris Blodgett
Dr. Kirstin Ramsay
Dr. Kory Grahl

Dr. Sid Johnson
Dr. Sujata Basawaraj
Dr. Thais Meredith
Dr. Thomas Reed
Dr. Tim Huckabee
Dr. Tuan Phaim
Dr. Whitney Wolff

Dr. Matt Cole
Dr. Michael Sanchez
Dr. Nick Cobb
Dr. Riza Abdelnour
Dr. Ryan Thomas
Dr. Sapna Amin
Dr. Shokooh Aletaha

Dr. Nick Cobb - Botex President


Nick Cobb was born and raised in Houston. He graduated summa cum laude with Bachelors’ degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Texas Tech University. Dr. Cobb worked several years in Lubbock as a successful engineer designing—among other things—the innerworkings of a conscious sedation device. He became increasingly interested in the more personalized side of patient care and returned to school. Dr. Cobb graduated from the University of Texas Dental Branch-Houston.
He is at the helm of this dental practice and is making it his life’s work to take care of our patients and staff. Dentistry is an art as well as a science. Dr. Cobb works with the harmonious blend of meticulous engineering background and skillful artistic hands. He is insistent that you have the highest level of diagnostic and treatment technology, exceptional care, and affordable pricing. It brings him great satisfaction to present a second opinion treatment option that is often better care, is less invasive, and saves the patient significant money. 

He is actively involved in the American Dental Association, is a delegate for the Texas Dental Association, is the past President of the Central Texas Dental Society, and is also honored to be an Invisalign® Premier Provider and regional leader of a select study club of Invisalign-chosen dentists. Dr. Cobb maintains the highest levels of accreditation and pursues ongoing education to stay current of the best practices in all areas of dentistry.

Nick and April adore their two sons, Nathan and Michael, and love watching them grow into young men. His parents have retired to this area and have enjoyed getting familiarized with local places including the Y! Outside his beloved world of dentistry, Dr. Cobb enjoys anything to do with technology, reading, hunting, fishing, golfing, traveling, and spending time with his family. You can find them around town at the farmers market, downtown spots, their favorite taqueria and local coffee shops.

Dr. Amanda Sindledecker

Dr. Amandeep Cheema
Dr. Amerjot Kler
Dr. Andrea Dernisky
Dr. Chelsea Mansfield
Dr. Danielle Davids
Dr. Daryn Flanagan

Dr. Elaine Chow

Dr. Flor Malave
Dr. Georgie Rosenbaum

Dr. GIssou Golpira

Dr. Glynn Manchester

Dr. Hussien Nsair

Dr. Ian Miller
Dr. Isaac Day 
Dr. Jason Harvey

Dr. Jill Ombrello
Dr. Kimberly Rioux
Dr. Lin Mu

Dr. Lindsay Flumerfelt
Dr. Lovedeep Randhawa
Dr. Madelyn Abougoush
Dr. Michael Boisson

Dr. Michele Nielsen
Dr. Mike Brown
Dr. Misty Henne

Dr. Murielle Arsenault
Dr. Nathaniel A Wong

Dr. Neda Bahmadi

Dr. Negar Safapour
Dr. Nick Seddon

Dr. Rebeca Riojas-Ozturk
Dr. Ryan Ersland

Calgary Corkscrewers

Dr. Ryan Grant
Dr. Sadaf Fazel

Dr. Sama Salim

Dr. Shann Snedden
Dr. Shruti Chahal
Dr. Sonya Verma
Dr. Stefan Hrach
Dr. Sushma Bajaj

Dr. Timony Lee
Dr. Wallace Truong

Dr. Andrea Dernisky - Calgary Corkscrewers President 

Dr. Andrea K. Dernisky completed her Doctor of Dental Medicine degree at the Universityof British Columbia in 2008. She immediately started her own practice in the suburbs of Vancouver with a keen eye to expanding her scope of cosmetics and orthodontics. In
addition to Invisalign Clear Essentials I/II and Reingage training, Dr. Dernisky is an active member in the Vancouver Orthodontic Continuum Study Club, has achieved certification in Botox Cosmetic, and has completed the Columbia University Mini-Residency in
Complex Esthetic Restorative and Implant Cases. She represents a growing trend of young, cosmetic dentists who are looking to utilize Invisalign in conjunction with composite (using Bioclear matrices) and/or porcelain restorations, as well as for setting up more comprehensive full mouth rehabilitation cases.
Andrea has taken her passion for Invisalign therapy beyond the immediate cosmetic, functional and health benefits to her patients. Recently she was voted onto the Board of Directors for the American Academy of Clear Aligners (AACA) where she aims to
promote member recruitment and dissemination of advanced knowledge and training for Invisalign to dentists dedicated to providing high quality, predictable, and efficient tooth movement.
Dr. Dernisky is the doting mother to her three wonderful children. She is an avid fitness enthusiast who loves travelling abroad.

Capital Aligners

Dr. Adrienne Cowan
Dr. Albert Lee
Dr. Angelique Fallahi
Dr. Angie Rhodes
Dr. Anthony Baddoo
Dr. Ashley Izadi

Dr Brian Midgette
Dr. Caroline Berman
Dr. Corey Anolik

Dr. Daniel Hines

Dr. Darrell Peterson
Dr. David Koilpillai
Dr. Dennis Vu

Dr. Douglas Gioiello

Dr. Elizabeth Dunham

Dr. Ellen Wof

Dr. Ellen Wolf

Dr. Erick Hosaka

Dr. Geoffrey Caligan
Dr. Habib Khoury


Dr. Heather Dubitsky

Dr. Iman Ayoubi

Dr. Jean Deslauriers

Dr. Jeremi Arroyo
Dr. Jason Elliott
Dr. Jonathan Silverman
Dr. Jonathan Soistman
Dr. Matt Nikpourfard
Dr. Maryam Seifi
Dr. Michael Rotter

Dr. Neil Flenniken

Dr. Nicole Cool
Dr. Rick Rios
Dr. Robert Lebonitte
Dr. Sari Netsky
Dr. Shin Kim
Dr. Stuart Waite
Dr. Shane Costa

Dr. Corey Anolik - Capitaligners President


It was not until sophomore year of college that I knew that I wanted to go to dental school. I took a job as a dental assistant in the clinic on campus to get exposure to the field and loved everything I saw about it. I would get to interact with patients, help people, make a difference and a noticeable one at that. Unlike medicine, this is a change that is visible in all the patients that we treat.

I graduated from the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery in 2006. I then completed a one-year hospital based residency at Albert Einstein Medical center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. During my residency I gained experience treating trauma of all kinds while also vastly improving my clinical skills.
After the completion of my residency in 2007 I joined my father in practice. We quickly discovered that working together was great for both of us and that we work amazingly together. I am also passionate about continuing to learn. I earned my fellowship status with the Academy of General Dentistry in 2013. This signifies the completion of over 500 hours of education as well as passing a test to qualify for this award. I am a trainer for Patterson Dental in the use of the CEREC machine. I also lecture for Invisalign, which is a passion of mine. The ability to utilize such an amazing technology to transform patients smiles and make their mouths healthier is an amazing honor for me! 

I have a love for technology especially technology in dentistry. I think that it is the future and I love being able to offer the best to my patients.
Our practice is designed to make you always feel comfortable and like we are family! We love seeing our patients and hearing about you. Giving you, a healthy mouth and smile is only a small part of what I love about my job. Building long term relationships is really what I look forward to the most. I do not like being just a number in a doctor’s office so you never will be in ours!

Capone Correctors

Dr. Nicole Cool
Dr. Rick Rios
Dr. Robert Lebonitte
Dr. Sari Netsky
Dr. Shin Kim
Dr. Stuart Waite
Dr. Shane Costa

Capone Correctors_Team.jpg

Dr. Tarun Agarwal
Dr. Jorge Amorin
Dr. Dan Aneszko
Dr. Aladean Attar
Dr. Shachindra Bahadur
Dr. Bianca Boji
Dr. Emilio Couret
Dr. Lydia David

Dr. Jenna Davies
Dr. Robert Di Pilla
Dr. Jim Drake
Dr. Sheila    Duarte
Dr. Carrie Friend
Dr. Soni Gelinne
Dr. Kathryn Gross
Dr. Don Helfert

Dr. Caroline Kim
Dr. Christian LeBrun
Dr. Tom Lewis
Dr. Colby    Livingston
Dr. Erika Macias-Serna
Dr. Madhu Mahadevan
Dr. Joshua Masters
Dr. Mark Panneton

Dr. Alexander Reznikov
Dr. George Rivera
Dr. Nadia    Saad
Dr. Niketa Shah
Dr. Supriya Shetty
Dr. David    Tartaglia
Dr. Mardi    Tingzon
Dr. Mohamed Waheed
Dr. Chris Young

Capone Correctors_Dr.Boji Headshot.jpg

Dr. Bianca Boji - Capone Correctors President


Dr. Bianca Boji is a Michigan native. Dr. Boji has extensive training in Invisalign treatment and has a heavy Invisalign presence in Metro-Detroit. She has training in predictably accelerating treatment to help you reach the finish line faster. 


She attends every advanced training course available that pertains to Invisalign and Cosmetic Dentistry. She is a President of the Capone Correctors, a group of highly trained Invisalign dentists in the United States. She mentors these and other Invisalign dentists across North America. 


Dr. Boji graduated with high honors from the University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry  with a distinction in leadership for founding the Student Professionalism & Ethics Association.  She has been married to her husband Nathan for four years and lives locally to her family, including all five of her successful brothers (three ENTs, one attorney, and one medical school student).


Dr. Boji has a strong passion for ethical practice within the dental field. Her warm and comforting nature makes her very welcoming to families, especially children. 


To check out her work and some smile makeover shots, check out her Instagram page @Biancaboji.DDS.  



Dr. Angelica Van Dyke
Dr. Colleen Scheive
Dr. Daniel King
Dr. David Fernitz
Dr. David Meade
Dr. Drew Spencer
Dr. Donna Lee
Dr. Eric Peterson

Dr. Gilly Calcagno
Dr. Heather Cline
Dr. Heather Heil
Dr. Hermina Battaglin
Dr. Janet Calcagno

Dr. Jennifer Greder

Dr. Jesse Hagen
Dr. Jill Pasinski


Dr. Joan Werleman

Dr. John Pontikes

Dr. Ken Wright
Dr. Kimberley Latour
Dr. Kimberly Zizic
Dr. LeeAnn Herbert
Dr. Mack Greder
Dr. Marc Kaplan


Chicago Deep Bite

Dr. Michele Horton

Dr. Michael Princell

Dr. Nimesha Pate
Dr. Raymond Chiu
Dr. Robert Heill
Dr. Sumrana Ahmed
Dr. Susan Dennis
Dr. Steven Wylie
Dr. Todd Stern

Dr. Colleen Schieve - Chicago Style Deep Bite President

Dentistry runs in the Scheive family and has been a passion of mine since I was in high school when I worked as an assistant in my father’s oral surgery office. I enjoy working with children and have extensive experience with child dentition. I’ve also spent years advancing my skills in restorative dentistry, orthodontic treatment using Invisalign®, and the surgical placement of dental implants. I strive to give clear, candid consultations and aim to put my patients at ease. I love my job and believe it shows in the way I care for my patients.


Dr. Amanda Miller
Dr. Amandeep Bhullar
Dr. Andrea Giraldo
Dr. Anh Tuan Nguyen
Dr. Brandon Mack
Dr. Carlos Izcoa 
Dr. Chad Edwards
Dr. Claudia Courchesne
Dr. Cody Winterholler
Dr. Dan Hwang
Dr. Daniel Lawen

Dr. David Bitchatchi
Dr. David Weiner

Dr. Esam Jumani
Dr. Gary Ellenbogen
Dr. Gisela Burgos
Dr. Hank Michael
Dr. Irma Kacur
Dr. Isabel Badias
Dr. James Holt

Dr. John Garcia
Dr. John Kearns
Dr. John Nelson
Dr. Jose Abadin

Dr. Karen Furlong
Dr. Karla Soto
Dr. Keith Anderson
Dr. Keith Schwartz
Dr. Kerri White

Dr. Kevin Carbonell
Dr. Laura Aleman
Dr. Lauren Triana
Dr. Leo Haydt

Dr. Lisa McGann
Dr. Maribel Carbia
Dr. Maya Georges Assi
Dr. Michael Gertsen

Dr. Natalia Benda-Celenski
Dr. Peter Rubenstein
Dr. Reggie Whitaker
Dr. Randall Lawson
Dr. Rosa Beck
Dr. Scott Lyke
Dr. Slyvan Fain
Dr. Tamara Martinez

Dr. Tia Kennedy
Dr. Uttma Dham

Dr. Vincent Cardinale
Dr. Viviana Waich

Dr. Abadin - ClinCheck Cartel President


Dr. Abadin grew up in Miami and attended Christopher Columbus High School. He obtained a B.S. at Creighton University in 1984 and received his Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. in 1988.

Upon graduating from dental school, he successfully completed a one-year post graduate advanced training in comprehensive dentistry at the Dade County Dental Research Clinic. Since 1989, he has been in private practice in the Miami/Coral Gables area concentrating on invisalign cosmetic, implant, CEREC and family dentistry.

Many people from around the world seek out Dr. Abadin for his knowledge, expertise, and new state-of- the-art facility. Always maintaining himself in the forefront of modern dentistry. Dr. Abadin is one of the first dentists in the South Florida area to provide "One-Visit Crown Dentistry.” He also performs teeth replacement using dental implants. To achieve more predictable results Dr. Abadin does both the surgical and restorative phase of the implant treatment. Due to his vast experience in invisalign, Dr. Abadin has achieved Elite invisalign provider status, making him among the top 5 percent of invisalign providers in the nation.

- American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
- American Dental Association
- Florida Dental Association 
- Academy of General Dentistry
- American Academy of Implant Dentistry
- Academy for Sports Dentistry


Charitable Foundations/Volunteer:
- The Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped
- Give Back a Smile Program

Empire Too

Dr. Jeffrey Falduto

Dr. Juan Jaramillo

Dr. Lev Trostyanetsky
Dr. Marius Suditu
Dr. Melvin Velazquez
Dr. Myriam Andrea Feldman
Dr. Nadeem Naseem

Dr. Nadia Rivera
Dr. Nishita Gandhi
Dr. Peter Harrison
Dr. Richard Rosenblatt

Dr. Ahmed Beheiry
Dr. Albert Malakov
Dr. Ali Modiri
Dr. Anna Kwasnik
Dr. Bari Posner
Dr. Christopher Olynik
Dr. Danielle Goodwin
Dr. Geoffrey Davis
Dr. Howard Vogel

Dr. Igor Dekhkanov

Dr. James McNerney

Dr. Rimma Portman
Dr. Ruslan Korobeinik
Dr. Stacie Calian
Dr. Stephen Peck
Dr. Susan Levine
Dr. Wenxia Zhou

Dr. Bari Posner - Empire Too President

Dr. Bari Posner is a graduate of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey where she was one of ten students to participate in the prestigious CODE program. Dr. Posner remains committed to learning and education and travels across the country to attend various continuing education courses. She is a member of the American Dental Association, the New Jersey Dental Association, the Academy of General Dentistry and the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. 

Dr. Posner upholds strict ethics. She is extremely thorough and strives for perfection throughout all aspects of her dentistry. She performs all procedures with concentration and aims to deliver excellence. Dr. Posner genuinely cares about her patients and believes that there is no substitute for time with them.

Ghost Of POB

Dr. Aladino Valiente

Dr. Aliuska Garcia Fernandez

Dr. Angela Gonzalez
Dr. Antonio Hernandez
Dr. April Kaneira
Dr. Carlos Beltran
Dr. Cheryl Callahan
Dr. Cindy Brayer
Dr. Claudia Salas
Dr. David Bistritz

Dr. Evelyn Aldama
Dr. Geoffrey Jackson

Dr. Kenneth Palladino

Dr. Lindsay Fox

Dr. Mardily Gonzale
Dr. Maria  Umpierr
Dr. Michael Perez
Dr. Michael Tran
Dr. Mireily Martinez
Dr. Natalia Ferrer-Leon
Dr. Nilash Patel
Dr. Phong Phane

Dr. Georgina Merlo-                    Quinones

Dr. Geraldo Cohen
Dr. Gulia Omene
Dr. Jere Seralde
Dr. Jessica Tendero

Dr. Jian Huang
Dr. Jill Wade
Dr. Joan Flores
Dr. Jorge Torres Guzman
Dr. Kenia Cuevas

Dr. Richard Friedman

Dr. Robert Christ
Dr. Sanjukta Chitre

Dr. Sigrid Mojica
Dr. Tam Nguyen
Dr. Vivianne De

      La Camara
Dr. Wes Booker

Dr. Aladino Valiente - Ghosts of POB President



Dr. Aladino Valiente was born in Cuba and completed his first dental degree at the University of Havana, Cuba in1989  placing heavy emphasis on dental surgery. After migrating to the United States in 1990 he received his second dental degree from Nova Southeastern University in 2000.Upon graduating  Dr.Valiente opened his private practice in Miami the area of Kendall where he has dedicated his professional life to providing his patients with outstanding dental care keeping up-to-date with changes in dentistry by attending continuing education courses in cosmetic and restorative dentistry.
Dr.Valiente is happily married to his wife Yamile and they have 4 children. In his spare time away from Dentistry, Dr.Valiente enjoys boating
, fishing, traveling and spending time with his Family.

Dr. Valiente is currently an accredited member of, American Dental Association, Florida
Association, South Florida District Dental Association, International Academy of Facial Aesthetics, American Academy of Clear Aligners and Ceola-Helo.

Golden State Straight

Dr. Richard Friedman

Dr. Robert Christ
Dr. Sanjukta Chitre
Dr. Tam Nguyen
Dr. Vivianne De

      La Camara
Dr. Wes Booker

Golden Gate Straight (16).jpg

Dr. Alok Arora

Dr. Anthony Lieu

Dr. Anthony Lieu

Dr. Ashkan Haeri

Dr. Bahareh Rahmatian

Dr. Bradley Shern
Dr. Cynthia Stephenson
Dr. Dan Leung

Dr. David Weisberg
Dr. Davis Weisberg
Dr. Edward Wiggins
Dr. Gohar Grigorian

Dr. Nina Kiani

Dr. Omid Kashani

Dr. Pamela DiTomasso

Dr. Priyanka Moonka
Dr. Randy Johnson
Dr. Ryan Courtin
Dr. Sara Sugishita
Dr. Scott Frederick
Dr. Stacy Wince
Dr. Stella Dariotis
Dr. Sylvia Urbina
Dr. Tanya Manyak

Dr. Gursimrat Sekhon

Dr. Jaspreet Dheri

Dr. Jeff Powers

Dr. Joel Abougoush

Dr. Jose Ladino
Dr. Kam Sahota
Dr. Keith Abe
Dr. Kenneth Torres
Dr. Mark Nguyen

Dr. Megna Sethi
Dr. Michael Wong
Dr. Nathan Proctor


Dr. Thuan-Vu Ho

Dr. Tiffany Danyal    
Dr. Titus Tang
Dr. Von Chan
Dr. Wenli Loo

Golden Gate Straight_Scott2 (46 of 1).jp

Dr. Scott N. Frederick - Golden State Straight President


Dr. Scott N. Frederick attended Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry. He subsequently went on to dental school at The University of Southern California. While in dental school, he took trips to Costa Rica and Belize with the Ayuda Dentistry Clinic, a volunteer organization that provides free dental services to underserviced populations. Also while at USC, he was on the IV sedation and the Emergency Response Team working underneath Dr. Stanley Malamed. He served as President of the Chi Chapter, Delta Sigma Delta Dental Fraternity. Upon graduating, Dr. Frederick received the Tom Asfkin Fakour Leadership Award, The Distinguished Service Award from Delta Sigma Delta, the Dental Materials Academy Award, and the Fixed Prosthodontics Award from USC.  

After graduation from dental school, Dr. Frederick served as an active duty officer with the U.S. Army where he reached the rank of captain. During his time of active duty, he served for one year in Eastern Afghanistan as the 101st Airborne (Air Assault) 1st Brigade Combat Team Dentist. He also graduated from US Army Air Assault School. He was a three-time Army Commendation Medal recipient. 

Dr. Frederick has been with Peak Dental Services since 2011, helping grow the company. He currently serves as Clinical Director of Peak Dental Services. He is a part owner of Colorado Dental Group in Colorado Springs, CO and is a member of the AGD, ADA, CDA, MDDS, and Colorado Springs Dental Society. 

Dr. Frederick is married to Dr. Anna G Frederick. Together they have a daughter, and two dogs. In his spare time, Dr. Frederick like to play tennis, go curling, go fly fishing and go skiing and snowboarding with the family. He also enjoys volunteering as a coach for U7 girls soccer for the Colorado Springs Pride Soccer Club.

Dr. Alan Reid
Dr. Arash Panah

Dr. Bradley Jonnes

Dr. Bruno Giglio

Dr. Charles Smurthwaite
Dr. Dani Benyaminy
Dr. David Gibson

Dr. Don Shimizu
Dr. Donald Curia
Dr. Dora Gavros
Dr. Drue Pickens
Dr. Elliot Singer

Dr. Erick Gutierrez

Dr. Frances H. Yankie
Dr. Fred Stalley

Dr. Gary Powell
Dr. Glenn Keryluk

Dr. Hema M. Ponbra

Dr. Jaime Zumbrow
Dr. Jeffrey Rice
Dr. John Bunkers
Dr. John Nelsen

Dr. Jonathan Yu

Dr. Justin Winger

Dr. Karl Oppenheim

Dr. Kaz Uyesugi

Dr. Keith Wood

Dr. Lisa Buda

Dr. Maria Kim
Dr. Michael Huguet
Dr. Michael Rebottaro
Dr. Natalie Provenzano
Dr. Paul Phillips

Hells Aligners

Dr. Ricardo Suarez

Dr. Scott Methven

Dr. Sormeh Panah

Dr. Steven Greenman

Dr. Travis Hunsaker
Dr. William Truong

Dr. Frances Yankie - Hells Aligners President

Dr. Frances H. Yankie practices General, family, and cosmetic dentistry in Mill Valley, Californina. She has enjoyed providing care for her patients since 1995. She has been a certified specialist with Cerec, a cad cam lab, since 2005. She added the specialty of providing Invisalign to her patients in 2007-- making smiles even more healthy.

Dr. Yankie is a graduate of The University of the Pacific, Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry. In addition to her dental degree from UOP, she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara where she studied Biology, Sociology, Economics, and Music. Dr. Yankie started her dental career in San Francisco. Upon graduation, she was honored to be invited to be an instructor in the Fixed Prosthodontics Department at her alma mater, where she served for just under four years while starting her practice down town San Francisco. In 1998, Dr. Yankie merged her busy San Francisco practice with a long-established dental practice in Mill Valley, in Marin County, California.

Her dental practice showcases individualized, advanced patient care in a relaxing environment. She is a certified specialist with Cerec, Invisalign, Diode Laser, and Arestin, all of which greatly enhance the practice in offering beautiful wellness and cosmetic procedures with a conscience. She is a member of the American, the Californian, and Marin County Dental Associations and the American Academy of Cosmetic Orthodontics. She has served on the boards of the UOP Alumi and the College of Marin Dental
Assisting Program for several years, as well as several philanthropic events for Kids in the Klinic, sponsoring underprivileged children to get necessary dental care. She is a Premier Preferred Provider of Invisalign and has the honor of being one of 27 presidents in her Invisalign Study group that will include 1,000 other general practitioners by the end of 2017.
Dr. Yankie currently lives in Marin County with her two sons Riley and Cole. Her interests outside of dentistry include love of family and friends, physical fitness (nutrition, horseback riding, biking, swimming), spirituality and personal development, history, science, and travel.

Hotlanta Stippers

Dr. Amanda Backstrom
Dr. Adam Hubert 
Dr. Bill Eggart

Dr. Brad Bynum
Dr. Brian Podesek

Dr. Bruce Greenstien
Dr. Chelsea Mason
Dr. Christian Brandyberry

Dr. Christie Hagert

Dr. Daniel Stewart

Dr. David Schaefer

Dr. Denton Hardie
Dr. Glenda Crawford
Dr. Grisel Martos

 Dr. Kevin Martin

Dr. LaVictoria Green

Dr. Les Ratner

Dr. Moigan Mazhari

Dr. Sadesh Kumar

Dr. Salomon Nahon

Dr. Sheila Samaddar
Dr. Sunny Gill
Dr. Tuan Levo

Dr. Adam Hubert - Hotlanta Strippers President

Dr. Adam Hubert is not a typical dentist. His goal is to meet the needs of every patient he sees giving them the best dental experience possible. He goes out of his way to make sure his patients are not only satisfied, but ENJOY each appointment. His attention to detail and comfort is paramount in his approach to each patient. Dr. Adam is a 2000 honors graduate of Reitz Memorial High School, a 2004 honors graduate of Taylor University in Upland, IN, and a 2008 graduate of the Indiana University School of Dentistry, graduating in good standing as a student and leader along with becoming board certified in Indiana.
He was the elected vice president of his class for his last three years of dental school and was an active member and leader in IUSD’s Christian Dental Association.
Dr. Adam was the 2008 recipient of the Delta Dental Foundation Scholarship and in 2008 was honored to continue his education and receive his certificate from the University of North Carolina AEGD (Advanced Education in General Dentistry) program in Chapel Hill, NC. While there, he was chosen chief resident.
In September 2011. Dr. Adam was selected as one of Evansville’s up and coming community leaders and was honored to be listed as one of the Evansville Business Journal’s 20 under 40!
Dr. Adam is a fun-loving guy who, in his free time, loves to spend time with his beautiful wife, children, and family. He enjoys listening to and playing music (guitar), playing basketball, tennis, golf, kayaking, riding his mountain bike, traveling (especially on mission trips), and origami (anything crafty really). He is very involved in his church and loves to spread the good news of Christ.

Houston Drillerz

Dr. Eric Adler
Dr. Robin Bethell
Dr. Daniel Bove
Dr. Blake Bybee
Dr. Monte Carel
Dr. Peter Christakos
Dr. Michael Cimino
Dr. Niosha Daneshvar

Dr. Jason Ganong

Dr. Tom Gent
Dr. Tyson Gray
Dr. Rob Herron
Dr. Allen Jahangiri
Dr. Cory Logan
Dr. Catherine Meister
Dr. Troy Moore

Dr. Chris Mun

Dr. Thomas O'Brien

Dr. Ryan Oakley
Dr. Atem Reed
Dr. Oleg Shvartsur
Dr. Rupesh Singla
Dr. Jeffrey Suffoletta
Dr. Michael Toole

Dr. John Upton Jr

Dr. Lisa Wong

Dr. Roger Wong

Dr. Susan Ellison

Dr. Ryan Oakley - Houston Drillerz President

Ryan Oakley, DDS, FAGD earned his Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Baylor University in 2000 before completing his Doctorate in Dental Science from University of Texas Houston Dental Branch. He founded Spring Creek Dentistry in 2005 and provides comprehensive preventiverestorativecosmeticorthodontic, and implant dentistry for families in the Houston area. Dr. Oakley genuinely cares about his patients and enjoys learning about their lives, dreams, and health. He’s interested in the whole person, not just their oral health.

Dr. Oakley has completed several hundred hours of continuing education, and has earned fellowship status with the Academy of General Dentistry. A believer in lifelong education, he regularly expands his expertise in dentistry by attending continuing education courses. He offers orthodontics for all ages, adult cosmetic bracesLumineers®veneersInvisalign®, and dental implant restoration. As new dental sciences and technologies emerge, Dr. Oakley will remain on the forefront, bringing his patients the best that he believes the field has to offer.

Dr. John Upton Jr

Dr. Lisa Wong

Dr. Roger Wong

Dr. Susan Ellison

Dr. Chris Mun

Dr. Thomas O'Brien

Dr. Ryan Oakley
Dr. Atem Reed
Dr. Oleg Shvartsur
Dr. Rupesh Singla
Dr. Jeffrey Suffoletta
Dr. Michael Toole

Dr. Jason Ganong

Dr. Tom Gent
Dr. Tyson Gray
Dr. Rob Herron
Dr. Allen Jahangiri
Dr. Cory Logan
Dr. Catherine Meister
Dr. Troy Moore

Dr. Eric Adler
Dr. Robin Bethell
Dr. Daniel Bove
Dr. Blake Bybee
Dr. Monte Carel
Dr. Peter Christakos
Dr. Michael Cimino
Dr. Niosha Daneshvar

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Dr. Alaleh Moazami
Dr. Amy Trevor
Dr. Brad Sievert
Dr. Bruce    Cooper
Dr. Charles Perkins
Dr. Chelsea Mortell Petisme
Dr. Chris Farac
Dr. Carlo Arredondo
Dr. David Perry

Dr. Efraim Florendo 
Dr. Gloria John
Dr. Gregory Shvartsman
Dr. Geoffrey Skinner
Dr. Howard Shayne
Dr. James Catt
Dr. James Peterson
Dr. Jason Niemeyer
Dr. Jessie Banks

Dr. Jon Robinson
Dr. Laura Benca
Dr. Laura Johnson
Dr. Lan Gao
Dr. Lindsey Papac
Dr. Lisa Gallucci
Dr. Madhuri Vanama
Dr. Michael Breier
Dr. Negin Badr

Dr. Nikole Shvartsur
Dr. Niromi Fernando
Dr. Rachel Cole
Dr. Rupal Shah
Dr. Ryan Love
Dr. Shivani Kant
Dr. Young Lee


Dr. Lindsey Papac - Invisalandia President


Dr. Lindsey Papac has always wanted to be a part of something great. She had a strong desire to help those in need at a very young age. A dental mission trip to Mexico solidified her decision to make a career out of dentistry. Dr. Papac is a Washington native and received both her Bachelor’s degree and Doctorate Degree of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Washington. Her main focus is Invisalign, CAD-CAM technology, and one-visit dentistry. Dr. Papac uses these skills to comprehensively treat all of her patients. Her favorite part of dentistry by far is interacting with her patients and building a relationship centered around positive dental experiences. Dr. Papac enjoys
countless hours of continuing education and is known for her activism in the legislative issues surrounding the dental field in the state of
Washington. Dr. Papac is a member of the American Dental Association, the American Academy of Clear Aligners, the Seattle-King County Dental Society and the Washington State Dental Association. Dr. Papac owns a practice with her husband, Dr. Josh Papac. When they are not practicing dentistry you will find them spending time with their two young boys. As a family, they enjoy getting out of town to ski
or hike together.

Los Aligners

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Dr. Abbas Naqvi
Dr. Alexie Aquil
Dr. Alvaro DelaFuente
Dr. Andrew Yang
Dr. Azin Rezaei
Dr. Bethany Tant
Dr. Cassandra Sturt
Dr. David Kaelin
Dr. Dima Owens
Dr. Don Wood

Dr. Gary Glasband
Dr. Gerald Middleton
Dr. Holly Fritz
Dr. Isaac Kashani
Dr. Jack Von Bulow
Dr. Juan Eguren
Dr. Keith Cowhey
Dr. Kristine Yoshida
Dr. Lennie Wong
Dr. Michele Frawley

Dr. Michael Jones
Dr. Mimi Theerathada
Dr. Murray Knebel
Dr. Nick Devani
Dr. Prashanthi Vadhi
Dr. Rob Andrew
Dr. Sam Lee
Dr. Safi Magharius
Dr. Shannon Oh Jamison
Dr. Shawn Frawley

Dr. Stephen Tassone
Dr. Terri Pukanich
Dr. Todd Emigh
Dr. Tom Alexander
Dr. Tran Han
Dr. Vachik Danoukh
Dr. Viraj Gadkar

Dr. Jack Von Bulow - Los Aligners President

Dr. Jack Von Bulow was born and raised in Southern California and now lives in Pasadena, California. Jack earned his DDS at the University of Southern California and has practiced in nearby Temple City at Temple City Dental Care since late Disco. The TCDC intention is "Making Dentistry Fun."

Von Bulow has written weekly columns since 1998, has published two books, and consistently promotes USC Trojan Football domination. Jack also asks "Why not practice effective business and dentistry with a culture of love, humor, and compassion?

Mass Spikes

Dr. Bethany Tant

Dr. Stephen Tassone

Dr. Jack Von Bulow

Dr. Lennie Wong
Dr. Don Wood

Dr. Sam Lee

Dr. Safi Magharius

Dr. Abbas Naqvi
Dr. Shannon Oh Jamison
Dr. Dima Oweis
Dr. Terri Pukanich
Dr. Azin Rezaei
Dr. Cassandra Sturt

Dr. Michele Frawley

Dr. Shawn Frawley
Dr. Holly Fritz
Dr. Gary Glasband
Dr. Michael Jones
Dr. David Kaelin
Dr. Isaac Kashani
Dr. Murray Knebel

Dr. Alexie Aquil
Dr. Tom Alexander
Dr. Rob Andrew
Dr. Keith Cowhey
Dr. Alvaro DelaFuente
Dr. Nick Devani
Dr. Juan Eguren
Dr. Todd Emigh

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Dr. Alice Cheng

Dr. Ai-Phuong Pham
Dr. Alexander Vaiman
Dr. Benjamin Belok
Dr. Binca Warren
Dr. Cara Lund
Dr. Christopher Binder
Dr. Christopher Moriarty
Dr. Dalia Jukneliene

Dr. Derrick Ziemba

Dr. Elizabeth Holzhauer
Dr. Geetu Shokeen
Dr. Irina Kessler
Dr. Irina Starik
Dr. John Walsh
Dr. Jane Osofsky
Dr. Jay Piskin
Dr. John Park


Dr. Kathryn Wilhelms

Dr. Keith Hollinger
Dr. Leonid Levit
Dr. Masha Kogan 
Dr. Matthew Goslee
Dr. Michael Schneider
Dr. Myrna Zohni
Dr. Nathan Berry
Dr. Nguyen Minh Tau


Dr. Reefat Malhotra

Dr. Keith Hollinger
Dr. Leonid Levit
Dr. Masha Kogan 
Dr. Matthew Goslee
Dr. Michael Schneider
Dr. Myrna Zohni
Dr. Nathan Berry
Dr. Nguyen Minh Tau

TBD - Mass Spikes President

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Dr. sagskngsklngskn sds siog saiog sioag saig sag og Dr. sagskngsklngskn sds siog saiog sioag saig sag ogDr. sagskngsklngskn sds siog saiog sioag saig sag ogDr. sagskngsklngskn sds siog saiog sioag saig sag ogDr. sagskngsklngskn sds siog saiog sioag saig sag ogDr. sagskngsklngskn sds siog saiog sioag saig sag ogDr. sagskngsklngskn sds siog saiog sioag saig sag ogDr. sagskngsklngskn sds siog saiog sioag saig sag og

Dr. Adam Kratchman
Dr. Brian Marino
Dr. Brian Wilk
Dr. Dana Jones
Dr. David Nowacki
Dr. Drew Fairweather
Dr. Eric Seidel
Dr. Eric Turner

Dr. Frank Visintini
Dr. French Moore
Dr. Glenn Phillips
Dr. Jerald Matt
Dr. Keith Nguyen
Dr. Mark Fort
Dr. Mark Vitale
Dr. Mariliza LaCap

Dr. Maryam Rostami
Dr. Matt Freedman
Dr. Michael Hughes
Dr. Mohammed Almed
Dr. Narpat Jain
Dr. Nathaniel M Avirett
Dr. Paul Tedeschi
Dr. Ronald D'Andrea

Dr. Scott Schron
Dr. Steven Liao
Dr. Tom Lupinetti
Dr. Vicky Yu

Dr. Drew W. Fairweather - Metroligners - President


Families seeking extraordinary dental care are sure to find it at the office of Dr. Drew Fairweather. He provides the latest, most comprehensive services for both adults and children – from preventive care to full reconstruction of broken-down dentitions. His passion for state-of- the-art treatment translates into comfortable, relaxed patients who, simply put, can’t help but smile.
With more than 30 years of experience and a professional staff that goes above and beyond to anticipate patient needs, Dr. Fairweather has created an office environment that is both welcoming and cutting edge. We aim to provide world-class dental care and top-notch customer service in an atmosphere filled with enthusiasm and attention to detail. Unlike most dentists, he can both place and restore implants, so patients need not travel elsewhere for implant procedures.
An Invisalign Preferred Provider, he has been published several times in the exclusive Journal of the American Academy of Clear Aligner journal. He is also on the Invisalign faculty and runs a study club for other Invisalign doctors.
Dr. Fairweather is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and Fairleigh Dickinson University School of Dentistry, with continuing education form the prestigious Dawson Academy and the Seattle Study Club.
He has been voted by his peers as one of New Jersey’s Top Dentists in NJ Monthly Magazine and receives excellent reviews for patient satisfaction.

Mile High
Mile High Munchies Logo.jpg

Dr. Adrienne Hedrick
Dr. Alexa Previti
Dr. Andre Nobert
Dr. Arnoud Noot
Dr. Brent Bailey
Dr. Brent Setien
Dr. Brett Skinner
Dr. Chuck W. Skinner
Dr. Cindy Schmidt

Dr. Daniel Kim
Dr. Dave Cantwell
Dr. Don Murry
Dr. Eileen McGinty
Dr. Jacob Brown
Dr. Jason Skinner
Dr. Jay Bernecker
Dr. Jeff Sprout
Dr. Jeffery Williams

Dr. Katie Coniglio
Dr. Kesa McConnell
Dr. Lindsey Zeboski
Dr. Laurentis Barnett
Dr. Mary Cresseveur-Reed
Dr. Melissa French
Dr. Minesh Patel
Dr. Preet Bhatti
Dr. Ralph Corpuz

Dr. Robert Mabry
Dr. Sara Kulver
Dr. Scott Brody 
Dr. Silas Yeung
Dr. Steve Truong
Dr. Terry Proctor
Dr. Vipul Subramanian

Dr. Katie Coniglio - Mile High Munchies President


Dr. Katie Coniglio received her B.S. in Biomedical Science from Texas A&M University. She was awarded her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from Baylor College of Dentistry, where she was also a member of the Odontological Honor Society.

Dr. Coniglio resides in the great state of Texas and practices in Southlake, Texas. Dr. Coniglio has a passion for helping people. Her main goal is to provide the highest quality dental care with patient comfort at the forefront. Dr. Coniglio is dedicated to staying up to date on the newest techniques and technologies in order to provide you with the best treatment. Her professional affiliations include the American Dental Association, Texas Dental Association, the Fort Worth Dental Society, and the American Academy of Clear Aligners. 
Outside of dentistry, Dr. Coniglio loves spending time with her family.  Her husband Justin, son Henry, and little girl on the way. They also love animals and have 2 boxers, Allie and Fred and 2 rescued cats, Indy and Charley. 

Dr. Sylvie Beauclair
Dr. Nancy Beaudoin
Dr. Jean Bernard
Dr. Kevin Bougher
Dr. Trish Brady
Dr. Anthony Castellano
Dr. Dana Colson
Dr. Marjolaine Delongchamp
Dr. Allen Feeley

Dr. Alison Freeman
Dr. Vitaly Gantman
Dr. Audrey Gosselin
Dr. Fritz Dimitri Joseph
Dr. Denise Lanouette
Dr. Daniele Larose
Dr. Greg MacKenzie
Dr. Katherine Nguyen
Dr. Kim-Anh Nguyen

Dr. Kenneth Palm
Dr. Mark Pasternak
Dr. Robert Penning
Dr. Julie Plamondon
Dr. Colleen Reavell    
Dr. Colleen Riordan
Dr. JoAnne Rochon
Dr. Vanesa Rodriguez
Dr. Carole Sherrod Jewell

Montreal Wolfpack

Dr. James Sorrento     
Dr. Jean Trinh
Dr. Lynda Ulrich
Dr. Brent Wong
Dr. Melanie Dubois


Dr. Kevin Bougher - Montreal Wolfpack - President


Dr Kevin Bougher was born in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and grew up in the province of Alberta just east of the incredible Rocky Mountains. He attended the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, receiving his BSc Degree in 1990 followed by his Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree in 1992. In his graduating year he placed in the top ten of his class of 50 students and was recognized as the graduating student with the greatest knowledge, excellence, and proficiency in general dentistry by the Academy of General Dentistry.

Kevin currently practices in downtown Vancouver and is focused primarily on providing general and cosmetic dentistry for his clients. He owns a thriving, compassionate-care driven practice where the patient always comes first. This is evident in everything he and his team do on a daily basis to assist their patients in achieving the outcomes they desire. His mission statement is simple but says it all: “To provide the best dental experience possible."

As a member of the Re-Ingage Study Group of hand-picked providers, Kevin belongs to an exclusive group of dentists at the top of their field in the provision of clear aligner therapy. This select group of dentists is responsible for over 10% of all Invisalign cases provided across North America yet comprises less than .01% of all practising dentists.

In order to always give back to the community in gratitude and in the knowledge that there is always a need for dental services for those less fortunate, Kevin and his team provide care for recent immigrants on a regular basis and he also donates his time to a clinic devoted to caring for those unable to afford basic dental care. This strong desire to always give back is a primary driving force for he and his team on a daily basis.

Dr. Vikram

Nanda Kumar

Motor City Movers (11).jpg

Dr. Alvin Daboul
Dr. Annette Skowronski
Dr. Aramesh Darvishian
Dr. Arthur McCann
Dr. Brent Rusnak
Dr. Camille Draper
Dr. Christine Cho
Dr. Cynthia Bailey
Dr. David Eberhard

Dr. Dawn Kacy
Dr. Elizabeth Lewis
Dr. Eva Goriee
Dr. Frank Ruffino
Dr. Ghanem Ghannam
Dr. Greogry Elliott
Dr. Jaclyn Ridder
Dr. Jay Nitzkin
Dr. Jean LeConte

Dr. John Hagerty
Dr. Faline Davenport
Dr. Kraig Willison
Dr. Kristin Horman
Dr. Leslie Showalter
Dr. Lora Lazovski
Dr. Mary Hirsch
Dr. Nick Gravino
Dr. Nick Schesnuk

Motor City Movers

Dr. Phillip Wolf
Dr. Ramanpreet Saluja
Dr. Shanna McGettrick
Dr. Shari Morningstar
Dr. Shawdi Assar
Dr. Steven Cardwell
Dr. Sulbha Midha
Dr. Thomas Fredal
Dr. Wilson Lo




Dr. Faline Davenport - Motor City Movers President

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My career decision to be a dentist occurred at an early age. I grew up around dentistry, having an Aunt who is an orthodontist in New Jersey. As a teenager I enjoyed spending time in her office during the summer. Upon graduating from high school, I attended George Mason University in Fairfax, VA for my undergraduate degree. I followed in my Aunt’s footsteps and received my dental degree from her alma mater, Virginia Commonwealth University, 18 years after she graduated. I joined Gainesville Dental Associates in the Fall of 2003. It did not take long for me to realize that I was now a part of a group of doctors and team members that were truly dedicated to providing quality dentistry in a comfortable, pleasant environment. Working with such a team everyday is a true pleasure.

Pursuing continued education has always been a top priority for me. Dentistry is a continuously evolving field. In order to provide the best care to my patients, I feel it is imperative to frequently attend dental classes and conferences. I am an avid member of the Amerian Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD). I always gain valuable knowledge in the latest advancements in cosmetic dentistry when I attend their annual meeting and hope to be come a Fellow of the AACD soon. I have participated in numerous courses at the prestigious Dawson Academy for Dental Education. I have been a member of the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) since 2003 and have obtained 500+ hours of continued education through the AGD. I have been a member of the following organizations since 2003: The American Dental Association (ADA), the Virginia Dental Association (VDA) and the Northern Virginia Dental Society (NVDS).

I have a passion for Invisalign and cosmetic dentistry. As an Invisalign Elite Provider, a status only 1% of US Invisalign providers have achieved, I have successfully treated hundreds of patients with Invisalign. Invisalign is the clear alternative to braces and has proven to be a wonderful tool to give my patient’s the smile that they have always wanted. Other procedures that I enjoy treating patients with are veneers and teeth-whitening. My two main dental assistants, Lauren F. and Teresa, share my excitement for cosmetic dental procedures. My patients enjoy getting to know them during their appointments at my office. Another person my patients develop a relationship with is my treatment coordinator, Aleta. She works very closely with my patients in discussing what their recommended treatment is, what their insurance will cover and any other financial questions they may have.

If I had it to do all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing. Being a dentist is a very fulfilling part of my life. I am proud to be a doctor at Gainesville Dental Associates and honored that many patients have chosen me to provide their dental care

Northern Bites

Dr. James Sorrento     
Dr. Jean Trinh
Dr. Lynda Ulrich
Dr. Brent Wong
Dr. Melanie Dubois

Dr. Andrew Bass
Dr. Andrea Oko
Dr. Berta Bacic
Dr. Chuck  Galambos
Dr. David Babin
Dr. David Fielding
Dr. Elena Hernandez-Kuce
Dr. Evlyn Romanows

Dr. Golnaz Khorsandian

Dr. Helena Tee
Dr. Jacob Day
Dr. Kareen Jones
Dr. Lila Nabi
Dr. Leanne Doughty
Dr. Max Kemmerling
Dr. Michael Popp


Dr. Niloufar Shirzad

Dr. Niromi Fernando

Dr. Parviz Yazdani
Dr. Richard Boehme
Dr. Ruby Bhullar
Dr. Rupinder    Gill
Dr. Shahin Charkhandeh
Dr. Sher Shah

Dr. Stephen Schalk

Dr. Sophie Lertruchikun

Dr. Tyler Zimmer

Dr. Vikram

Nanda Kumar

TBA - Northern Bites - President


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Dr. sagskngsklngskn sds siog saiog sioag saig sag og Dr. sagskngsklngskn sds siog saiog sioag saig sag ogDr. sagskngsklngskn sds siog saiog sioag saig sag ogDr. sagskngsklngskn sds siog saiog sioag saig sag ogDr. sagskngsklngskn sds siog saiog sioag saig sag ogDr. sagskngsklngskn sds siog saiog sioag saig sag ogDr. sagskngsklngskn sds siog saiog sioag saig sag ogDr. sagskngsklngskn sds siog saiog sioag saig sag og

Dr. Jessica Adams (Eellis)
Dr. Gurinderpal Bajwa
Dr. Suneet Bath
Dr. Colby Cockrell
Dr. J. Michael Davis
Dr. Olga Dontsova
Dr. Chris Elliott
Dr. Peter Garcia
Dr. Diana Germain

Northwest Aligners

Dr. Neda Goharkhay
Dr. Gurkamal Grewal
Dr. Robert Harris
Dr. Andrew Helmsworth
Dr. Steven Hopmann
Dr. Thomas Houston
Dr. David Johnson
Dr. Teresa Kang
Dr. Jim Krippaehne

Dr. Karim Lalani
Dr. Carey Lasley
Dr. Bella Makagon
Dr. Chris Mueller
Dr. Cindy O'Loughlin
Dr. Arvind Petrie
Dr. Julia Ratkay
Dr. Vishal Sharma
Dr. Kevin Shim

Dr. Aasron Tinkle
Dr. Kory Wilson
Dr. Samudra Withanachchi
Dr. Manami Yamaguchi
Dr. Hamid Zehtab

Dr. Arvind Petrie - Northwest Aligners President


I have always modeled my philosophy of care after this quote, but coming from a family full of engineers the shoe just didn’t fit for me. I grew up locally in Des Moines and attended the University of Washington. I received a Bachelor of Arts in Biology/Physiology and took a year off before dental school to travel to India and other parts of the world while I still could. It was during this year I met my wife (unbeknownst to me at the time) Joanna.

I was eager to see another part of the country and chose to complete my Doctorate of Dental Medicine in Pennsylvania at the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine. Admittedly it was hard to be a Seahawk in the “Steeler Nation.”

I became avidly involved in student government and campaigned several times in Washington, D.C. for increased access to care and funding for dental programs and residencies. I left Pittsburgh after the four best years of my life, excellent clinical training in dental medicine, and a passion for the local and national platform in dental reform and government.

I completed a one-year AEGD (advanced education in general dentistry) residency in Spokane before going into private practice. It was here I realized my passion for pediatrics. Over the next couple of years, I worked exclusively in pediatrics and then returned to adult private practice, where I realized how much I enjoyed family dentistry, cosmetics, and oral surgery.

After the birth of our second daughter Emelia, we thought we had found our final stop in Spokane. In the end, the draw of family in western Washington and beauty of Puget Sound and all it offers was too much to live without. Being a practice owner early in my career was always the plan, so I made that a reality in 2013.

Petrie Advanced Dental was opened in that year and was transitioned over from a wonderful physician, Dr. Dan Gallacher. His sense of practice, diagnosis, and care was immediately in line with my own philosophy of treatment. Personal, professional, progressive care is my immediate priority. Healthcare is very personal business, so should be the relationship you establish with your dentist.

Petrie Advanced Dental is also a progressive office where we implement the latest proven materials and techniques in the care we render. I consistently work to improve my knowledge and practice by enrolling in 50 hours or more of continuing education. I consider myself not just lucky, but blessed and privileged, to do what I do.

Outside the office, travel, nature, and history have always been my passions. I most enjoy boating, snow skiing, running, mountain climbing, wake boarding, and motorcycling (when I am able to). I am excited to be back in the PNW to fish and crab again and show my girls the way of life I grew up with.


Richmond Re-Aligners

Dr. Monleudy Bracken
Dr. Lisa Browning
Dr. James Burden
Dr. Joel Butterworth
Dr. Cheryl Callahan
Dr. Dominic Chapman
Dr. Brian Chudleigh
Dr. James Michael Chung
Dr. Jeffrey Day

Dr. Davis Gardner
Dr. Robert George
Dr. Michael  Gorman
Dr. Nishan Halim
Dr. Amit Jethva
Dr. Wesley Kandare
Dr. John Knight
Dr. Darren Koch
Dr. Todd Kuhn

Dr. Peter Lanigan
Dr. Tuan Levo
Dr.  David Monson
Dr. Peter Murchie
Dr. Les Neville
Dr. Bhavin Patel
Dr. Robin Pigeon
Dr. Brian Podbesek
Dr. Brandon Schafer

Dr. David Sun
Dr. Swati Vellanki
Dr. Sarah Wilmer

Dr. Toussaint Crawford - Richmond Re-Aligners President

Dr. Crawford is a gentle, caring dentist who uses the most advanced materials & procedures available. He practices comfortable, health-centered dentistry with a strong emphasis on getting to know each of his patients. In addition to his technical proficiency, Dr. Crawford is a careful listener & will explain beforehand what treatment is best for your individual needs.

After earning his bachelor’s degree from Washington & Lee University, Dr. Crawford received his doctorate from Howard University College of Dentistry in 2007. He has since taken many continuing education courses, including those in implant dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, sedation, Invisalign®, oral cancer treatment & TMJ (jaw pain) therapy. Dr. Crawford is a member of the Academy of General Dentistry, the International Congress of Oral Implantology, Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation & the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies.

Dr. Crawford looks forward to your visit & to showing you how exceptional dentistry can improve your life.

Dr. Chetna Desai
Dr. Christopher Hart
Dr. Cynthia Mikula
Dr. Daniel Conti
Dr. David Harnett
Dr. Dina Fetner
Dr. Herbert Mendelson

Dr. Jason Schermer
Dr. Jay Goldstein
Dr. Jeremy Crow
Dr. Jonathan Kohler
Dr. Joyce Thomas
Dr. Lundon Albrecht
Dr. Paul Keelan

Dr. Stephen Denny
Dr. Sunil Kashyap
Dr. Thomas Brown
Dr. Taneshwar Chahal
Dr. Uppasna Chand

Rockin Cavaligners

Dr. Stephen Denny - Rockin Cavaligners President

Dr. Stephen Denny graduated from the University of Cincinnati with high honors in Chemistry before attending The Ohio State University College of Dentistry.  While there he was elected and served as the president of the student body. He graduated with honors and received his Doctorate of Dental Surgery degree in 2013.

Dr. Denny completed a one-year residency at the Dayton VA Medical Center prior to beginning private practice in Beavercreek, where he also lives with his wife, Annelise, and their three children. Dr. Denny enjoys softball and other outdoor activities, is an avid reader, and an active member at his local church.

Dr. Denny loves treating patients with Invisalign as part of a comprehensive approach to achieving their best overall oral health. 

Save The Bes Fo Last

Dr. Amir Daoud
Dr. Angela Simpson
Dr. Anna Aller
Dr. Anthony Marbell
Dr. Ashley Ayuso
Dr. Bubba McQueen
Dr. Brent Songstad
Dr. Brett Hildenbrand

Dr. Brian Rosenthal
Dr. Bryan Austin
Dr. Caitilin Martini
Dr. Charles Kirby
Dr. Drayton Smith
Dr. Gina Marcus
Dr. Gregory Mayes
Dr. Jacob Ramsey

Dr. James Brannen
Dr. Jason Watts
Dr. Jay Kansal
Dr. Joshua Perlman
Dr. Katie     Middlecoff
Dr. Kevin Alexander
Dr. Lauren Harmon
Dr. Lindsay English

Dr. Mary     Gaddis
Dr. Pablo Foncea
Dr. Perron Tucker
Dr. Richard Tallon
Dr. Ryan Jones
Dr. Samira Jafari
Dr. Sergio Rauchwerger
Dr. Todd     Gruen

Shift Happens

Dr. Amir Dauod​ - Save The Best For Last President


Bio coming soon



Amir Photo_edited.png

Dr. Hamed Rezakhan
Dr. Ji Loh
Dr. John Adams
Dr. John Walker
Dr. Kathryn Luse
Dr. Kendra Pavlik
Dr. Kevin Deutsch
Dr. Kylie Parrish
Dr. Laura Koberda
Dr. Lindsey Wendt
Dr. Lucinda Garcia

Dr. Amanda Canto
Dr. Angelie Zamora
Dr. Bethany Stewart
Dr. Brandi Thompson
Dr. Bill Brosky
Dr. Ciaran Murphy
Dr. Davis Do
Dr. Donald Mabry
Dr. Elaheh Rahimi
Dr. George Bare
Dr. Haleh Bazargan

Dr. Mark Edington
Dr. Matthew Ornate
Dr. Michael Stryker
Dr. Michelle Farnoush
Dr. Michele Platson
Dr. Michelle Bargen
Dr. Palmi Testa
Dr. Prachi Deore
Dr. Randall Voigt
Dr. Rahul Kulshrestha
Dr. Rewadee Meevasin

Dr. Rick Rodig
Dr. Ross Bennett
Dr. Sara Mouzi
Dr. Scott Arnold
Dr. Steve Buchanan
Dr. Steve Pina
Dr. Thomas Basey
Dr. Todd Leiker
Dr. Yvonne Safo-Kwakye

Dr. Michele Strait - Shift Happens President

Dr. Michele Platson graduated in her home state with honors for her undergraduate and doctorate degrees at the University of Michigan. Dr. Platson practiced in Chicago for a few years before falling in love with Austin, where she has called home for several years.  She strongly believes in being open with her patients about their oral health and treatment options.  She is passionate about gentle, conservative dentistry as well as Invisalign.  When Dr. Platson is not busy volunteering for Texas Mission of Mercy or continuing education with Women of Austin Dental Society and American Academy of Cosmetic Orthodontics, you can find her running, trying new restaurants, or listening to live music. Dr. Platson also enjoys lazy afternoons with her black lab and reading books.


Dr. Alma Lombardo
Dr. Arnaldo DiRezze
Dr. Arshbir Kler
Dr. Chris Souliotis
Dr. Cornelia Schwarz
Dr. Daniel Elbert
Dr. Danielle Woo
Dr. David Tapani    
Dr. Debbie Mulroy

Dr. Hong Vu

Dr. Jaana Koning
Dr. Jana Boychuk
Dr. Jessica Bolander
Dr. Kenny Abedini
Dr. Kim Klassen
Dr. Lindsay Costantino
Dr. Mandeep Kanwar
Dr. Maria Kravjanski

Dr. Philip Wolff

Dr. Sean Compton

Dr. Seth Gladson

Dr. Sobhdeep Singh Manku
Dr. Steven Pakiz
Dr. Todd Loftin
Dr. William Altig

Dr. Maricela Simmons

Dr. Marshall Valadez

Dr. Mitchell Levitt
Dr. Mohan Bajwa
Dr. Nadia Rodriguez
Dr. Nicholas Yeung
Dr. Patrick Dillon
Dr. Peter Bagnell
Dr. Phil Gaudin

Dr. Phil Gaudin - Str8up

Dr. Phil as most of his patients call him is a General Dentist and owner of Dental offices in Whistler, Vancouver and on Vancouver Island. He has been creating beautiful smiles with Invisalign for over 10 years. He was part of the first Reingage class in 2014 and went on to become President of his class and helps mentor other Invisalign Dentists. 

By 2017 Dr. Phil has treated hundreds of patients with Invisalign and reached the level of Elite Premier Provider.

With a passion for fitness and health, Dr. Phil is active in many sports and has a passion for health and fitness. This ties in well to his belief that when teeth are in the proper place they provide a healthy and beautiful smile. 

His wife and daughter have recently welcomed a new baby boy into their family. 

Dr. Cornelia Schwarz
Dr. Maricela Simmons
Dr. Chris Souliotis
Dr. Hong Vu
Dr. Philip Wolff
Dr. Danielle Woo
Dr. Nicholas Yeung

Dr. Kim Klassen
Dr. Arshbir Kler
Dr. Jaana Koning
Dr. Maria Kravjanski
Dr. Mitchell Levitt
Dr. Todd Loftin
Dr. Sobhdeep Singh Manku
Dr. Debbie Mulroy
Dr. Steven Pakiz

Dr. Kenny Abedini
Dr. William Altig
Dr. Peter Bagnell
Dr. Jana Boychuk
Dr. Sean Compton
Dr. Lindsay Costantino
Dr. Patrick Dillon
Dr. Phil Gaudin
Dr. Mandeep Kanwar

traight outta Brackets.jpg

Dr. Amir Larijani
Dr. Anjali Rajpal
Dr. Azadeh Nasiry
Dr. Barbara Mallonee
Dr. Bella Doshi
Dr. Dane Dudley
Dr. Dimitri Salin
Dr. Eric Shapiro
Dr. Haewon Choi    
Dr. Harry Brown

Dr. Jamie Houck
Dr. Janette Pinedo
Dr. John Czochanski
Dr. Jose Castro
Dr. Jose Guillen
Dr. Kareem Abraham
Dr. Karen Ho
Dr. Kaveh Niknia
Dr. Kelly Smudde
Dr. Kristy Bae

Dr. Laura Manuel
Dr. Laura Wilson
Dr. Lilian Cifarelli
Dr. Lindsay Barry    
Dr. Maria     Saguin
Dr. Mallorie Lawson
Dr. Maryam Saleh
Dr. Matthew Kaufman
Dr. Michael Tran
Dr. Mufaddal Kapadia

Straight Outta Brackets

Dr. Oana Carnu
Dr. Paul Day
Dr. Rebekah Ehde
Dr. Tamer Shalaby
Dr. Thanh-Truc Nguyen
Dr. Thuy Le
Dr. Tim Stirneman
Dr. Timothy Colby
Dr. William Neff
Dr. Yun Lee

Dr. Jamie Mellert Houck - Straight Outta Brackets


Dr. Jamie Mellert Houck was born and raised in Torrance, CA where she also practices dentistry today.  She graduated from Point Loma Nazarene University with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and attended the Ostrow School of Dentistry at University of Southern California for her dental degree.  Jamie is a fourth-generation USC dentist following the footsteps of her great-grandfather, grandfather, and father.  She is blessed to practice dentistry alongside her dad and is grateful for the compassionate and ethical example the previous generations of Mellert dentists laid out before her. Outside of dentistry, Jamie enjoys playing piano, singing, and hiking the cliffs of Palos Verdes with her husband Tim and dog Joey.  It is an honor and privilege to be a part of the AACA and the Reingage team.

Super Carlsbad

Dr. Andrew Simpson
Dr. Anthony Vondra
Dr. Chase Davis
Dr. Curtis Mitchem 
Dr. David Collin
Dr. David Edlund
Dr. Dimple Desai    
Dr. Donald Hildebrandt
Dr. Emily Browner 

Dr. Erin Cherry
Dr. Frank Rafail
Dr. Gregory Clibon
Dr. Gurinder Chahal
Dr. Jeff Lowe
Dr. Jeffrey Barrera
Dr. Jon Reagan
Dr. K. Pat Brown
Dr. Katie Ball

Dr. Myrna Altavas
Dr. Nazak Noorian
Dr. Nicole Furuta
Dr. Pezhman Mansourian    
Dr. Robert Elloway
Dr. Robert Malone
Dr. Sophie Polymeneas
Dr. William Gebeau

Dr. Kimberly Gilbert
Dr. Kristen Ritzau
Dr. Kristin Wade
Dr. Laura Turner
Dr. Lily Yao
Dr. Lincoln Parker
Dr. Mahnaz Baghaei
Dr. Maryam Horiyat
Dr. Michael Wing

Dr. Kristen Ritzau - Super Carlsbad President

Dr Kristen Ritzau graduated Summa Cum Laude from UCLA School of Dentistry. At UCLA she received recognition for her academic and clinical excellence including awards for excellence in restorative dentistry, fixed prosthetics and periodontal treatment. In 2010 she was inducted in the the Omnicron Kappa Upsilon Dental Honors Society. In 2015, Dr Ritzau was named one of the "Top 40 Under 40" dentists in the US by Incisal Edge magazine. 

Dr Ritzau currently owns and practices at Shoreline Dental Studio in her hometown of San Clemente, CA. While in private practice she has continued her studies taking numerous courses for advanced skills with Invisalign, sedation dentistry and dental implant placement. In 2016 she received the title Invisalign Premier Provider and is currently president of a Southern California based ReIngage Invisalign study club. 

Dr Ritzau enjoys life in San Clemente with her husband Cory and their children Hayley and Hunter. When not practicing dentistry, you can often find her going for a run, playing with her kids, or enjoying time at the beach!

Sweet Caralign

Dr. Andrew Simpson
Dr. Anthony Vondra
Dr. Chase Davis
Dr. Christopher Powell
Dr. Curtis Mitchem 
Dr. David Collin
Dr. David Edlund
Dr. Desiree Walker
Dr. Diane Bundy
Dr. DJ Dailey

Dr. Donald Hildebrandt
Dr. Emily Browner
Dr. Erin Cherry
Dr. Frank Rafail
Dr. Gregory Clibon
Dr. Gurinder Chahal
Dr. Jeff Lowe
Dr. Jeffrey Barrera
Dr. John Whittemore
Dr. Jon Reagan

Dr. Jonathan Zsambeky
Dr. K. Pat Brown
Dr. Katie Ball
Dr. Kimberly Gilbert
Dr. Kristen Ritzau
Dr. Kristin Wade
Dr. Laura Turner
Dr. Lincoln Parker
Dr. Mark Anderson
Dr. Michael Wing

Dr. Myrna Altavas
Dr. Nicole Furuta
Dr. Prashant Rao
Dr. Robert Elloway
Dr. Sophie Polymeneas
Dr. Will Curtis

Dr. Eric L Murias - Sweet Caralign President

email to come



Dr. Eric L Murias was born and raised in Miami, FL and is the son of Cuban immigrants. He obtained his DDS from New York University College of Dentistry in 2015 and completed a postgraduate implant maxicourse at Loma Linda University in 2016. As a second generation dentist, he has spent his life around dentistry and has seen first hand the power and impact this profession can have on people. He currently practices dentistry in Hialeah, FL with his father Dr. German L Murias where together they work to restore patient’s smiles, often using a combination of clear aligners and implant dentistry. He is a member of the American Academy of Clear Aligners (AACA), American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID) and the American Dental Association (ADA).

Toronto Blue Trays

Dr. Hammad Afif
Dr. Keivan Ansarian
Dr. Noah Belman
Dr. Peggy Bown
Dr. Jessica Cantor
Dr. Shirley Cheong
Dr. Joan Chin
Dr. Eric Chu
Dr. Joel De Souza

Dr. Prasad Satyanarayana Devi
Dr. Abby Donovan
Dr. Greg Elliott
Dr. Tracy Fadden
Dr. Jim Fox
Dr. Brian Friedman
Dr. Wan Li Huang
Dr. Michael Kagal

Dr. Olena Klipitc

Dr. Alvin Lo 
Dr. Janice Lo
Dr. Matthieu Ménard
Dr. John Ormond
Dr. Carlo Pavan
Dr. Jane Porter
Dr. Eric Rouah
Dr. Sokhi Sandhu

Dr. Barbara Shearer

Dr. Lowell Shore
Dr. Jacqueline Sieber
Dr. Marcela Silva
Dr. Phill Tzemis
Dr. Gary Williams

Janice Lo.jpg

Dr. Janice Lo - Toronto Blue Trays President



Dr. Janice Lo graduated from the University of Toronto's Doctor of Dental Surgery program in 2003 with Honours Standing. She was awarded the Zindart Award for Community Dentistry and Dental Public Health. In addition, she was recognized with the Horace Wells Memorial Medal for Patient Management and excellence in Anesthesia.

She has been an integral member of the team as General Dentist at Dr. Judy Sturm and Associates in Downtown Toronto’s exclusive Yorkville community since 2005. The office has been awarded NOW magazine’s Best Dentist in Toronto consistently. She is proud to have grown an almost exclusively Invisalign-only practice serving many of Toronto’s notable names and discerning clientele. Janice has attained over 125 hours of Invisalign-related CE.

Janice was recently honored with “Doctor of the Year” award for her contributions to the Strategic Development and Expansion of the AACA. She is a member of the Ontario Dental Association, Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario, Toronto Central Dental Society and the Academy of General Dentistry.

Outside of the dental world, Janice volunteers her time serving as Junior School Head Parent and Social Convenor for the prestigious Branksome Hall Private School for Girls. She is also on the board of the South Rosedale Residents’ Association.

Janice regularly enjoys challenging her fitness with Lagree Pilates and Barre classes and travelling to exotic locations with her husband and 2 children.

Tri State Tipper
tri-state tippers (12)_Group.jpg

Dr. Angela Lee
Dr. Anna Belous
Dr. Anna Pukhovitskaya
Dr. Arlene Messer
Dr. Brian Davis
Dr. Clarissa Moore
Dr. Donna Trimboli
Dr. Dori Katz
Dr. Eliana Anderson
Dr. Elisa Nelson
Dr. Esther Lim

Dr. Hisham Barakat
Dr. Isaac Bar
Dr. Jaime Philip
Dr. James Woltmann
Dr. Jayshree Sawhney
Dr. Jennifer Mackey
Dr. Jihane Riad
Dr. Joseph Haddad
Dr. Kanupriya Kashyap
Dr. Kenneth Tirone
Dr. Louis Giordano

Dr. Marilyn Geni
Dr. Marc Lazare
Dr. Marjon Moghadam
Dr. Maribel Montes
Dr. Michael Gelfand
Dr. Michael Gibilisco
Dr. Mohamad Korshid
Dr. Monika Vermani
Dr. Nadim Kodsi
Dr. Naina Kaushal
Dr. Nathan Makay

Dr. Norman Medina
Dr. Pamela Karkut    
Dr. Rebecca Koenigsberg
Dr. Richard Jr Dickinson
Dr. Robin Lucas
Dr. Tomicka Jackson George
Dr. Vincent Cesario
Dr. Virginia Romano
Dr. Zachary Spitzer

Tri State Trippers.jpg
Tri state Trippers_Dr.  Clarissa  Moore.

Dr. Clarissa Moore - Tri State Tippers President


Dr. Clarissa Moore is passionate about dentistry and loves connecting with her patients by giving them a beautiful and healthy smile. Dr. Moore completed her dental education in Brazil followed by a General Practice Residency Program where she served as chief resident at Northside Medical Center Hospital in Youngstown, OH 


One of Dr. Moores commitments is to continue learning the latest and most advanced techniques in general, cosmetic and surgical implant dentistry. She has pursued advanced training at nationally renowned postgraduate training centers including the Spear Institute in Scottsdale and the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI). She is also a Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry (FAGD), a title awarded to her due to her commitment in continuous learning to better serve her patients.


Dr. Moore's passion is to improve patients' quality of life by aligning their teeth and bringing back their confidence with a beautiful and healthy smile. She offers orthodontic treatment with Invisalign® and is a board member of the American Academy of Clear Aligners (AACA). Recently Dr. Moore became a mentor for Invisalign® and she is excited to learn more and help other doctors give their patients the smile they want. When not working, Dr. Moore enjoys spending time with her family, traveling and learning about different cultures. She lives with her husband Brandon and their two daughters Nora and Claire in Gainesville, just a mile from her office.

Walker Texas Retainers

Tri State Tipper

Logo and Team Photo Coming Soon

texas walker retainers (11)_Group Photo.

Dr. Adam Fienman
Dr. Ahmed El-Helow
Dr. Allison Brown
Dr. Arnaud De Buyl
Dr. Brad Jetton
Dr. Brendan Loehr
Dr. Brent Cornelius
Dr. Carla Sullivan
Dr. Dan Bruce

Dr. Daniel Escobedo
Dr. Darren Crosbie
Dr. David    Banda
Dr. Deborah    Romack
Dr. George Johnson
Dr. Greg Melton
Dr. Heather Stamm
Dr. Humam Alnajjar
Dr. Ian Brawner

Dr. Johnathan Phan
Dr. Katie Beach
Dr. Kevin Kim
Dr. Mary Abdou
Dr. McKay Butler
Dr. Michael Nguyen
Dr. Minesh Patel
Dr. Rabia Naqvi
Dr. Rebecca Charpentier

Dr. Rekha Reddy
Dr. Rick Freeman
Dr. Robert Kim
Dr. Sadia Zubairi
Dr. Sage Pollack
Dr. Scott Ryan
Dr. Viraj Patel
Dr. Woods Woolwine

Dr.  Katie_Walker Texas Retainers.jpg

Dr. Katie Beach - Walker Texas Retainers President

Dr. Katie Beach, originally from Baton Rouge, has truly enjoyed making Northwest Louisiana her home.  After receiving a bachelor's degree in Biology from LSU, she graduated from the LSU School of Dentistry in New Orleans.  She is currently a member of the American Dental Association, the Louisiana Dental Association, the Academy of General Dentistry, and the American Academy of Clear Aligners.  Dr. Beach enjoys giving back to the Shreveport-Bossier community by participating in various charitable dental organizations such as Louisiana Donated Dental Services, Children's Dental Clinic, and her office's own annual free dental care day, Trading Smiles.  She currently serves as president of the Walker Texas Retainers under Dr. Galler's Reingage Program.  She prides herself in creating positive experiences for her patients and her staff, and in doing so, has become one of the most beloved dentists in northwest Louisiana.  For the past ten consecutive years, she has been chosen by SB Magazine as one of the Top Dentists in the Shreveport-Bossier area.  Dr. Beach is dedicated to providing quality, personalized, and pain-free dentistry to all of her patients. In her free time away from the office, she enjoys spending time with her family. 



Dr. Susan Chow
Dr. Debra Cooper
Dr. Tracy Dawes
Dr. Davinder Dhamrait
Dr. Raj Dhiman
Dr. Farshad Fereidouni
Dr. Bradley Gee

Dr. Arne Gundersen

Dr. Jeremie Hallett 

Dr. Harry KS Ho
Dr. Shafiq Kara
Dr. Carol Kearl
Dr. Moji Motamedian
Dr. Katy Shayesteh

Dr. Sheena Sood

Dr. Rick Tabata

Dr. Tao Zeng

Dr. Sheena Sood - VanWow President

Sheena was born in Nottingham, England. She moved with her family to Vancouver at the age of three and has lived in Richmond ever since. Sheena completed her Doctorate of Dental Medicine (DMD) at the University of British Columbia.

Soon after graduation, Sheena envisioned the Ironwood Dental Centre as a place where dentistry would take place in a warm and caring atmosphere. In 1998 her dream came true when she took the Ironwood Dental Centre from conception to reality.

Sheena loves to practice dentistry and cherishes each opportunity to make a positive difference in her patients’ dental health. Furthermore, she is both passionate and committed to continued learning and maintaining her leadership role in modern dentistry. The most fulfilling part of practicing dentistry for Sheena is seeing her patients smile with renewed dental health and increased self-confidence.

Wicked Straight

Dr. Alla Agamov
Dr. Anna Berik
Dr. Ashley Newman
Dr. Dana Lazowski
Dr. David Crumpton
Dr. Erik Mendelsohn
Dr. Grace Dickinson Branon
Dr. Jenny Chang

Dr. JoAnne Many
Dr. John Messina
Dr. Kim Keller
Dr. Kristin Dority
Dr. Marc Raper
Dr. Melissa Brobst

Dr. Mihaela Stoian
Dr. Neela Gandhi

Dr. Nily Abramovitz

Dr. Noor-Allah Manji
Dr. Peter Son
Dr. Richard Dickinson
Dr. Sarah Pless
Dr. Stanley Levenson
Dr. Sveta Granovsky

Dr. Anna Berik - WickedStraight President


Dr. Anna Berik is one of Boston’s Premier Cosmetic Dentists. She has been creating captivating smiles for over 20 years and is a regularly featured dentist in the Boston media.
Dr. Anna Berik is a VIP Platinum Invisalign Provider and has earned numerous awards from Invisalign, including the 2017 Invisalign Reingage Dentist of the Year award. She is President of Invisalign Reingage New England and is on the faculty for Invisalign Reingage. Dr. Berik is one of the country’s leading experts on Accelerated Orthodontics and travels North America speaking and training other dentists on her Berik Accelerated Method technique.

Dr. Berik was raised in Washington, DC and received her an undergraduate degree in Biology from Virginia Commonwealth University. She graduated from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine and has advanced training in aesthetic dentistry, facial aesthetics, BOTOX and facial fillers, and full mouth restorations. She also is enteral sedation certified from the American Dental Society of Anesthesiology as well as certified in the treatment of sleep apnea from the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine.
She is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, American Academy of Clear Aligners, American Academy of Facial Esthetics, American Dental Association, Massachusetts Dental Society, American Academy of Women Dentists and the
Metropolitan District Dental Society.

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