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Dr. David Galler Biography


Dr. David Galler DDS graduated with high honors from the University of Pennsylvania College of Dentistry. He completed his general practice residency and cosmetic practice residency at the Brooklyn Veteran’s Administration Hospital.  He has personally transformed hundreds of smiles with Invisalign® and been involved in the completion of more than two-thousand Invisalign® cases. David has also led countless study clubs and event lectures on aligner therapy, resides in the top 1% of Invisalign® providers in North America, and has been named a Platinum Plus Invisalign® Provider. Perhaps most notably, Dr. David Galler has even developed his own unique interproximal reduction (IPR) technique, which is currently utilized by 4,500 dentists nation-wide and featured in multiple orthodontic textbooks as the Galler Spacing Technique, or GST. 


The Galler Spacing Technique helps dentists do interproximal reduction which is key to orthodontic movement with clear aligners. The ability to create .2mm-.5mm of space between 2 adjacent teeth without ledging or damaging the teeth is paramount to successful treatment. This technique represents a non-invasive predictable end precise way to create space between teeth. Using this technique dentists can treat a wide variety of cases and complete them in shorter amounts of times. 


David Galler also personally leads and instructs Reingage, a network of nearly a thousand dentists committed to his philosophy of bettering lives with Invisalign® and advanced alignment techniques. In recent years, David has been the Keynote Speaker at multiple summits, including the Invisalign® 2015 Summit, and has acted as the President of the American Academy of Clear Aligners. David has been serving New York since 2003 and splits his time between his Manhattan and Long Island offices.

Together we are better. We are stronger.

We are smarter. We are unstoppable!

We are a group of  HIGHLY TRAINED DENTISTS spanning across North America who share a common passion for improving our patients' lives through enhancing their smiles. Not only are we philosophically aligned, but we are also taught exclusively by a Platinum Plus Provider in NYC, Dr. Galler.

With locations available across the continent, the smile of your dreams can be found with the ease of a click of a button.  

Creating confident smiles across the continent. 




From the G5 Optimized Planet of Polyurethane… this intergalactic man of mystery is part man, part dentist… 100% committed to changing lives one smile at a time.
  • By day he's Dr. David Galler

  • Top 1% Platinum Plus Provider (over 2000 Invisalign cases completed to date)

  • President of the American Academy of Clear Aligners

  • Award Winning Lecturer and Keynote Speaker at the Invisalign Summit

  • Creator of the Galler Spacing Technique used by over 4,500 dentist worldwide

  • Reingager of hundreds of exceptionally trained Galleria Agents of GAIP



By night, he can be found on the prowl as the Superhero dentist… spanning the continent… propel’ing his disciples into action against the perils of crowded and spaced dentition, constricted arch forms and obstructed airways, cross-bites, and various forms of malocclusion.