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"The Course That Changed Everything..."


Dr. David Galler Biography


Dr. David Galler, DMD graduated with high honors from the University of Pennsylvania College of Dentistry. He completed his general practice residency and cosmetic practice residency at the Brooklyn Veteran’s Administration Hospital.  He has personally transformed thousands of smiles with Invisalign and been involved in the completion of more than 20,000 Invisalign cases. David has also led countless study clubs and event lectures on aligner therapy, was in the top 1% of Invisalign providers at his Manhattan high profile cosmetic office, and has been named a Platinum Plus Invisalign Provider. Perhaps most notably, Dr. David Galler has even developed his own unique interproximal reduction (IPR) technique, which is currently utilized by 4,500 dentists nationwide and featured in multiple orthodontic textbooks as the Galler Spacing Technique, or GST. 


Dr. Galler personally leads and instructs Reingage, a network of nearly a thousand dentists committed to his philosophy of bettering lives with Invisalign and advanced alignment techniques. In recent years, David has been the keynote speaker at multiple summits, including the Invisalign Summit, and has acted as the President of the American Academy of Clear Aligners. He is also Senior Vice President of Orthodontic Services at Aspen Dental. David has been serving New York since 2003 and now splits his time practicing between New York and Chicago. 

Dr. David Galler
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The two-day Reingage courses are currently only presented by Dr. Galler. His proven and unique method of Invisalign is taught from records and photographs, handling complications to finishing cases with no refinements. These classes are by invitation only via nomination by an Invisalign Territory Representative. Attendance at each Reingage course is limited to 50 dentists and are only offered at select times throughout the year. Each Reingage class is unique and organized by territories with Chapter Presidents selected by Dr. Galler.  

Currently, there are 32 chapters across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.  Members and classes are invited to the annual Reingage reunion conference at least once a year where Dr. Galler provides the latest updates in methodology and awards chapters with the greatest Invisalign growth.

The typical Reingage dentists are on the leading edge of progressive general dentistry and are running successful dental practices. Invisalign is a fundamental part of their practice and rehabilitation philosophy, and they are on the higher end of producing dental offices. These leaders seek out advanced Clear Aligner continuing education, which utilizes the latest technologies, methodologies, and treatment enhancement products. Members keep in constant daily contact via group emails organized by chapter and WhatsApp group text forums. Dr. Galler regularly communicates to all members through the chapter presidents as well as directly to individual chapters and members. This has created a network of philosophically aligned dentists who want to help build better lives for each other, their practices, their families, and their patients. 



“A healthy perfect smile enables a person to reach their maximum potential in life.”  ~ David Galler

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